Cake Pricing

Tiered buttercream starting at $5/serving*
Tiered fondant starting at $6/serving*
Carved/Shaped cakes starting at $5/serving*
Quarter sheet 9x13 no filling, buttercream $35, 24 servings
Half sheet no filling 12x18, $75, 54 servings

6"-serves 8-10, $30*
8"-serves 14-28, $45*
10"-serves 21-42, $65*
12"-serves 28-56, $85*

Cupcakes $24/dozen (one dozen minimum)
Filled cupcakes $30/dozen
Filled cupcakes with Fondant decorations $42/dozen

Sugar flowers/fondant figurines $20 and up per design

*and up-additional cost for fresh fruit and liquor flavored cakes/fillings, gluten free, etc.
includes buttercream Icing, basic decoration.
**Add $10/cake for fondant.



Bar/Cookie Pricing

Brownies/Bars: $15/dozen (2.5"x2.5")

*add ins extra

Cookies: starting at $14/dozen